Emjay Homes Ltd. was established in 2011 by James & Michelle Zacharias.  We started building RTM homes in 2004 so we come with a lot of experience and knowledge gained through these years.

We at Emjay Homes strive to understand your needs and dreams of a home and make it a reality for you.

Building a home has developed the stereotype that it can be a stressful time for you.  What differentiates us from other builders is we are passionate about what we do and enjoy guiding you through the process with choice options each step of the way.

We provide professional tradesman and contractors to construct your home. We are   physically on the building site working to ensure your satisfaction.

We have grown up with, and have been surrounded by family run businesses and have learned family values like honesty, hard work, excellence,  and a job that is worth doing is worth doing well.