Benefits of an RTM

Published in Design Your Home Magazine – Fall/Winter 2021
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Located in the community of Austin, Manitoba, Emjay Homes Ltd. offers Ready To Move (RTM), as well as on-site construction, of new homes.

For some, on-site construction is best when it comes to size, shape and style of the home.  There are no constraints for an on- site build and you don’t have to look at site access and power lines when moving your home into its location.

For others, the benefits and logistics of an RTM home out weigh the options.

Benefits of RTM homes

They can be more cost effective for remote builds.  The builder doesn’t have to carry the costs of employee milage and lodging.

They have the same building codes and inspections to pass compared to on-site builds.

You receive a fully finished home and can work with the builder on finishes for the interior.

RTM homes can be completed faster as the structure and foundation can be done simultaneously with no time delays.

RTM builders offer warranty just like on-site builds.

Emjay Homes Ltd. was established 10 years ago, but have years of experience that exceed that.  They pride themselves on high quality, excellence in service and value-added affordability.  If you are looking to build a new home, talk to them about your options today.

If an RTM is the right option for you, make sure you reach out to Craig Penner and his team at CNC Building Movers to discuss your moving time-line.  Contacting your building mover early on is recommended, as every move is unique and custom.  CNC Building Movers use safe and precise measures in all their moves, from houses and buildings to barns and sheds.  Their expertise can help you move your home or building across Western Canada and even into the United States with a smooth ride on their air ride suspension.

If a new home is in your future, consider all your building options while doing your research.  Talking with experienced businesses is a great asset when making your decision.  – DYH