Why Choose Ready to Move Homes?

Ready to move homes are homes constructed at a remote site, usually near the general contractor’s place of business.  Once completed, the ready to move home, also known as a RTM home is moved to a location of your choice.
There are key benefits of choosing ready to move homes vs onsite building which include:

  1. Ready to move homes cost less to move than to pay professional trades people mileages or lodging to work on site.
  2. Ready to move homes are equivalent to an onsite constructed home because it too is required to meet or exceed minimum building code and is constructed using the same building principles and techniques.
  3. Ready to move homes are complete in every way including flooring, paint, cabinets, light fixtures, etc.
  4. Ready to move homes are often completed faster because construction of the home begins prior to the completed of the foundation, and professional trades people are not required to travel further distances.
  5. Ready to move homes can also be partially customized and built to meet some or all of your specifications.
  6. Ready to move homes are also covered under our warranty.

It comes to no surprise that ready to moves home construction is increasing all around, given some key advantages to you the home buyer.